Questons (The Threat from the Deterministic Dimension)

Warning!!! – Players in my Spear! Fang! Raygun! campaigns should not read this entry. It will ruin your day if you do!


Threat from the Deterministic Dimension

# Encountered 1d3+1
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Size M
Movement 40’
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 18
Armor Class 5
Hit Dice 8
Fighting Ability 8
Attack 1 (geas-raygun)
Damage special
Saving Throw 13
Morale 12
Experience Points 1,800
Treasure None

Questons are visitors from the Deterministic Dimension. They stand 5’ tall and appear like encephalitic androids, though are not machines, and wear tabards with a single yellow “!” emblazoned upon them (a symbol which is also found in the Hyperborean runic script).

The Questons seek to guide events upon the Forlorn Plateau according to a teleology of only they seem aware. To accomplish this, they blast living beings of all kinds, from lowly insects to Barbaric Pantless Atlanteans, and send them upon often pointless seeming quests, like moving a single boulder twenty yards or burying the corpse of a currently living chieftain to the western riverbank of the Dreadskull River.

Above all other animal life on the Forlorn Plateau, whether beast or sentient or somewhere between, the Questons exhibit a particular obsession with Fanged Cave Goons, whom the transdimensional meddlers have driven to discover fire and invent the wheel and cave painting—though the process and results of these endeavors has been less than optimal for the Questons (see entry for Fanged Cave Goons). Somehow the Fanged Cave Goons fit prominently in the Questons’ designs for the Forlorn Platea, but as of yet, those ends remain unclear.

Queston blasts Fanged Cave Goons with geas-raygun.

Geas-raygun: This futuristic-looking raypistol projects a 30’ cone wherein all targets must succeed at a Save vs. Device saving throw or suffer the effects of a geas spell as if it were cast by the Queston.

Predetermination Field: Within 300’ of a Queston, no dice rolls can be made by Player Characters. Instead, the GM should generate a last of pre-rolled numbers appropriate to each die type and present these lists to the players. While a PC is within the Predetermination Field, whenever they are called upon to roll a die, players will instead take as their result the top number from the list for the corresponding die type and so on and so forth going down the list for future rolls of that die type. This field persists even if the Queston is killed; it is intrinsically tied to their presence on the Forlorn Plateau. (Note: these numbers are not necessarily randomly generated; the GM is free, even encouraged, to generate the strings of results according to whim. Who is to say that the PCs are not predetermined to roll fourteen natural 20s in a row followed by a single natural 1 while in proximity of the Queston? The predetermination field should undermine the assumption of probability and randomness on which the game system operates. This is what makes the Questons truly frightening opponents.)

Original Queston concept.




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