Jade Robo-sarcophagi of the Warrior Phantoms of the Ethereal City of Ruul

Jade Robo-sarcophagi of the Warrior Phantoms of the Ethereal City of Ruul
Ancient ghost-powered robot warriors
# Encountered 3d3
Alignment Lawful Evil
Size M
Movement 40’
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 12
Armor Class 3
Hit Dice 6
Fighting Ability 6
# of Attacks 4 (by weapon)
Damage by weapon
Special Abilities Ghost in the Machine;

DR 3; SR 3:12

Saving Throw 15
Morale 12
Experience Points 580
I (minus gems)

20181203_175447The robo-sarcophagi are six-armed, jade constructs that serve as tombs for the shriveled and mummified remains of the elite warrior class of the ancient humanoid city of Ruul. They roam the Feral Savanna and northern reaches of the Jungles of Baslaag in hovering war-chariots, driven by a need to capture human sacrifices to power the soul-dynamos of the Ethereal City of Ruul.

A phylactery of black crystal embedded in the mummy’s chest binds the long-dead warrior’s ghost to the robo-sarcophagi and serves as its power source. As the warrior’s tomb, he sarcophagi also contain his-or-her most treasured possessions, from gems and jewelry to magical items.

After thousands of years, the warrior phantoms have become exceedingly cruel and callous. They rarely communicate with living creatures, preferring to torture them to the very limits of what is survivable until they are returned to the Ethereal City.

On occasion (a 1:12 chance), a fragment of the nobility and honor which guided the warrior in life may remain, and they will speak with living creatures if they share a language (highly unlikely, as the language of Ruul is unique on the Forlorn Plateau), though the likelihood of their aiding captives is very slim, as they understand the necessity of the sacrifices to the soul-dynamos and would not conscious work against their own people’s survival. However, sects within the Ethereal City exist that oppose the continuation of the city’s stagnant afterlife.

Ghost in the Machine – The ghosts of the warriors that power the robo-sarcophagi are able to detach from the jade constructs that house their bodies and move about as incorporeal phantoms. While the ghost is outside the sarcophagi, the robots may not take any actions other than to defend. The phantoms are able to operate outside the sarcophagi for 1d3 rounds (treat as ghosts of 4 hit dice) and may not do so again for 1d3 days. These ghosts may only be harmed by silver or magical weapons or may be vanquished if the black phylactery inside the sarcophagi is destroyed.

Bodies of Jade – The latticework of jade stone and five gem eyes (250 gold each) protects the robo-sarcophagi from physical attack and sorcery, granting damage reduction of 3 points and a 3:12 chance to resist sorcery.

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