Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs (Low-level Antagonists for Spear! Fang! Raygun!)

Red Pygmy Tyrannosaur
Aggressive, semi-intelligent 7’ tall pack carnivores
# Encountered 3d4
Alignment Neutral
Size M
Movement 30
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 6
Armor Class 6
Hit Dice 2+2
Fighting Ability 2
Attack Rate 1/1 (bite; or weapon)
Damage 2d8 (bite); see below for weapon
Saving Throw 16
Morale 8
Experience Points 65
Treasure None
turok 1
The cover for this Gold Key Turok: Son of Stone comic was the catalyst for the creation of Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs.

Of the myriad species born of the bio-vats of the Hyperborean-Insectoids, few trouble the Wastelands of Kurg! and thus the Barbaric, Pantless Atlanteans like the Red Pygmy Tyranonsaurs. They are squat—compared to the traditional, lankier Tyrannosaurus Rex—and upright-walking like older, pre-Jurassic Park conceptions of the T-Rex, but make up for it with a vicious persistence in giving adventuring types absolute hell at every turn.

Violence: While they possess subhuman intelligence, allowing them to establish ambushes and use crude weapons, such as pointy sticks and heavy boulders, Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs quickly resort to employing their powerful, teeth-filled jaws in combat, primarily due to the frustration that arises from their failure to dexterously utilize these weapons with their stumpy arms and three-clawed hands (-4 on attack with such weapons). It is this frustration which simultaneously keeps their further evolution in check and drives their fathomless hatred for Barbaric, Pantless Atlanteans, who often taunt them over these shortcomings. So it comes to pass, inevitably in every battle, with a roar of depthless self-loathing and ire, and a casting aside of these killing-tools, that Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs will resort to simply biting their prey.

Behavior: Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs are driven to roam the Wastelands of Kurg! by an insatiable and bestial urge to torture, maim, and kill other beings, but this instinctual psychopathy does not mean they are without culture and language. Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs communicate through guttural, complex growls and roars. This language is complex enough for humans to understand but nearly impossible to speak without quickly developing a sore throat.

Territory & Civilization: Social hunters on the verge of developing a tribal society, the Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs rove their hunting territories in loose confederations of packs, settling usually in cave systems close to regions bountiful in prey, primarily within the Bloodplains, Feral Savanna, and Inflamed Badlands. Each pack is ruled by an “alpha” who is both stronger and smarter than the others; the most powerful alphas are experts at ambuscading prey and intelligent enough to use subterfuge and assassination to kill rivals. The smartest of these leader rise to command breeding rights over several packs. Inter-pack conflict is rampant, however, and these larger settlements rarely last for very long, unless the Red Future Tyrannosaurs are involved (see below), at which point the Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs may be forced into communal living at the behest of their “gods.”

Yield, Trophies, & Plunder: Their red skin is popular with hunters of the Tyrannokiller tribe of Barbaric, Pantless Atlanteans as a pantless, onesie-like suit of armor made from their hide (with the head for a helmet and the tail intact). Wearing such a suit of armor is sure sign of brimming combat prowess and lends one the swaggering confidence of primitive style. Also, anyone who bears a necklace of Red Pygmy Tyrannosaur teeth is granted a +2 on reaction checks with members of the Tyrannokiller tribe. Additionally, arrowheads made from the teeth of of Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs are often stronger than the poor, flint ones commonly used by Barbaric, Pantless Atlanteans, granting a +1 to hit.

Red Future Tyrannosaur miniature from my home Spear! Fang! Raygun! campaign.

Red Future Tyrannosaurs: A few centuries ago, a race of red-skinned reptilian humanoids wearing tunics and romper-like outfits made of technologically advanced silver fabric and bearing crystalline weapons began to appear before feral packs of Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs. They arrived via scintillating portals from a far-future version of the Forlorn Plateau and presented themselves as gods to their un-evolved ancestors. Since then, the Red Future Tyrannosaurs have meddled in the evolution of the Red Pygmy Tyrannosaurs, paradoxically guiding them toward their own development in the future. (More on Red Future Tyrannosaurs later.)






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