Goolaag (Octopoid Slavers in Spear! Fang! Raygun!)

octopoid slavers of the Underplateau
# Encountered 2d3 (6d6)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Size M
Movement 20
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 11
Armor Class 6 (or armor)
Hit Dice 2
Fighting Ability 2
Attack Rate 4/1
Damage by weapon
Saving Throw 14
Morale 7
Experience Points 124
Treasure I

A race of amphibious cephalopods from the Underplateau who raid the surface for slaves. They look like upright octopuses  whose beak and eyes are arranged on their front side in a permanent scowl. Goolaag are tremendously cruel and driven by Ferangi-like desire for wealth, willing to betray anyone or commit any offense for personal gain.

First imaginings of Goolaag

Their own city is a domed structure underneath the vast Underplateau Sea. There they lead hedonistic lives, lazing under the care of slaves and engaged in trivial endeavors such as watching squigglevision, pitting slave against slave in blood-sports, and dining upon banquets of underworld krill. For the Goolaag, the pursuit of comfort and wealth is the only worthy goal in life; love and friendship are nonexistent.

Goolaag technology is rather advanced, though they do not necessarily construct or design much of it themselves. Goolaag engineers will spend their days dreaming up new contraptions to make life easier and devices to capture and torture slaves and command the most intelligent of their slaves to build these devices. The Goolaag, however, have mastered the Hyperborean-Insectoid technology in modifying organisms, creating mutant variations of original stock through breeding programs. In this, the Goolaag are much more tentacles-on and see the breeding of slaves and stock to create new lifeforms as a worthy pursuit, the only one in which, other than capturing slaves, they will put any effort into.

Original stats for Goolaag.


Inky Discharge (recharge 4:6 per turn): Goolaag can release an inky cloud that obscures sight like the Darkness spell within a 15’ radius of themselves. (There is a 1:12 chance they release the ink involuntarily if surprised.)

Enslavement (recharge 4:6 per day): Within their massive cerebrums, Goolaag possess glands capable of producing subsonic ululations that sap the will from other beings. They may pulsate these glands to cause all within 15’ to become sluggish and agreeable (treat as a Charm Monster spell with a more limited range).

Untold Anatomy: Blessed with an abundance of strange glands and sacs, Goolaag are able to carry way more equipment than they would otherwise appear capable, using their various bladders and sacs for storage.

Slave entourage: Goolaag are almost never found alone, if they can help it. They hardly travel by themselves and they are always accompanied by a retinue of slaves to attend to their every (and I mean, every) need. Only one out every three Goolaag is important enough to be attended by a slave entourage.

Domesticated Creatures (1d4): In addition to their slaves, Goolaag have domesticated and bred numerous species to serve their needs. Depending on the environment in which the Goolaag are encountered they may  have with them one of the following creatures:

  1. Transport crab – An enormous crab that’s shell and ganglia have been modified so that it serves as a transport vehicle.
  2. Bunker-starfish – A collection of starfish with colonial behavior that can swarm and harden their outer membrane to create a protective shell around a group of Goolaag.
  3. Anglerfish-ships – Fish modified to serve as submarines for undersea transport; Goolaag ride in their fish’s massive, translucent throat.
  4. Forward Operating Clam – A giant clam which the Goolaag have modified to serve as a base of operations. The interior is filled with biotech necessary to serve their purposes.
goolaag fortress
Goolaag fortress on surface

Goolaag Armory: Goolaag use rather advanced weapons and armor for the usual

creatures of the Forlorn Plateau. Whenever Goolaag are encountered, roll to determine how they are

equipped, in terms of arms, armor, and equipment. All will have one weapon, a 3:12 chance of being armored, and 1d3 items of equipment.


Weapons (1d8):

  1. 1d4 vibro-daggers (1d5)
  2. Electro-pike (1d8 plus stun)
  3. Bubble-caster (special)
  4. Ink-grenades (blindness; 15 ft. radius)
  5. Rigid hologram axe (1d6)—wrist device slides onto tentacle
  6. 1d4 Electric eel whips (1d2 plus stun)
  7. 1d4 Tentacle maser pistols (2d3)
  8. Bladed starfish shurikens (2d4)

Armor (1d3)

  1. Crab shell armor (AC 5)
  2. Forcefield shield (AC +2)
  3. Aqua-plate (AC 3; water-filled bladders that absorb impact)
Goolaag with electropike

Equipment (1d6)

  1. Squiggle-vision communicator
  2. 3d3 water globes
  3. 3d3 fish tubes
  4. Psi-active jellyfish helm (grants one psionic power and 1d3+1 power points)
  5. Forcefield generator
  6. Narcotic holothurian

Slave entourage (1d6)

  1. 2d3 Barbaric, Pantless Atlanteans
  2. 4d4 termitoids
  3. 2d3 red pygmy tyrannosaurs
  4. 1d3 giant sexy cave amazons
  5. 4d4 fanged cave goons
  6. 2d3 Mix of the above

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